type of Glow

There have been many questions, when it comes to any type of glow in the dark objects, as to why the color used for these items are mostly a greenish yellow type color. The reason most places make it with this type of color is because many people seem to be attracted to this green color more than they would be to something blue or pink glowing in the dark. The green color usually captures the attention of many individuals, therefore, causing them to want to purchase an item such as this. Many manufacturers have admitted that the reason they make their products in this color of glowing light, is because it gives off a creepy feel with the eerie glowing green light.

Therefore, this will make people feel more compelled to purchase glow in the dark items around the Halloween season for decoration or when trick or treating. However, there is a more scientific reason as to why the green color is the most used color seen. Most of the phosphorescent items that absorb energy, of course in this case, light, in which it slowly re-emits the energy as a light are specifically based on the same chemical phosphor which is zinc sulfide. Zinc sulfide is usually mixed with other chemicals that will cause it to become more stable for the use of plastics, paints, and other types of applications. Zinc sulfide is relatively cheap to produce, is non-toxic, and tends to just naturally glow that distinct green color. If toy manufacturers chose to use different types of the phosphorescent zinc sulfide base, the results of these types of colors would not be as bright and wouldn’t last as long as the original old-fashioned green glow.
The history for glow in the dark items originated in 1976 Vincent J. Esposito and John H. Lyons invented a chemiluminescent signal device and had a patent issued. The patent issued had recommended that a single glass ampoule that is suspended in a second substance provided the chemiluminescent light to shine out when the chemicals were broken and mixed together.The most popular of any, when it comes to glow in the dark items, is the glow stick.

This glowing stick has been the favorite of many adults and children. You can often see them at parties, during sleep overs, while a family is out camping, and also on children on the night of Halloween. There are many people who are curious about how the glow stick even originated and who thought of an amazing idea such as this. Glow sticks were started when scientists had discovered how to replicate the bioluminescent light that fireflies were able to emit from their bodies. A man by the name of Edwin Chandross of Bell Labs, patented the very first glow stick in the 1960’s, and he did so out of oxalyl chloride and also hydrogen peroxide. Soon after, a team from a lab, named American Cyanamid who was led by Michael M. Rahrut,then started to build off of Chandross’s discovery and created an oxalate ester, that was named phenyl oxalate, that could and did replace the oxalyl chloride.

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