The Jacket To Win Them All

But let’s also be honest, when you see someone wearing some glow apparel you’re probably going to think something along the lines of, Oh, that dude or chick likes to rave. And this is probably because glow apparel has really become so popular within the rave scene everywhere and at all raves you can find glow sticks and all other forms of glow apparel, and it’s almost come to the point that you aren’t technically even having a rave without glow sticks and glow apparel and other forms of black lights and things of that nature. It’s pretty much mandatory for the owner or host of a rave to have black lights and allow for glow apparel to stand out in the way and setting that it is supposed to stand out in, and that’s really what gets the rave started. Of course you can have a party with live music where a lot of different people are doing drugs, but that doesn’t make it a rave necessarily. You need the glow sticks, you need the glow apparel, and you need some hot girls in abundance to be considered a rave, and that is just a small part of what has made the glow apparel and rave scene so synonymous and fun at the same time.

Because that’s what it really comes down to when you decide to put on a pair of glow apparel, because you’re looking to go out at night and show off your cool glow effect that people are not necessarily ready for out in the real world, and that’s OK that they aren’t ready for glow apparel because all of the cool people and people who like to have a good time in general will appreciate you when you wear some glow apparel and stand out like the boss that you are in the rave scene, and of course that means the girls will be flocking, and if you are a girl that means the guys will be all over you from all angles groping you and making sure you feel how big they are underneath their glow in the dark shorts or pants.
So if you are the type of person who likes to go to raves and have a good time doing drugs on your weekends then you should definitely be interested in trying or just buying some form of glow apparel because you never know when your life might change just because you wore some type of specialty shirt like glow apparel. You could meet the love of your life just because you stood out in the crowd with your glow apparel, and that could potentially be a really great way to meet people in a strange and trippy way that people might really enjoy, and of course you personally will enjoy as well. That is how I met my life partner. I was at a festival and had the best glow jacket on in sight, she immediately came running up to me bright eyed and bushy tailed. The rest was history. 

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Published in My Blog by Mark Bailey.