Once this team had perfected their experimental concoction with these material, they then sold their unique invention to a company named Omniglow, whose R&D group, who was led by E. Earl Cranor, then decided and continued further with making further adjustments and improvements on the glow stick. During that exact same time, however, the U.S. Navy had been working on developing their own glow stick like device and then they received a patent on it in the year of 1973.

There are many companies, and mind you there are a lot of companies in the Los Angeles area that have created many different items the glow in the dark. They make things like glow in the dark glasses, shirt, pants, nail polish, wallpaper, watches and different items such as that. Most of these items are worn during parties and raves and clubbing. Walking into a club with a pair of jeans, a shirt, or a dress that glows in the dark will for sure capture the attention of anyone and everyone who is in the building. When you are going out to have a good time, everyone knows that dark rooms like bars, clubs, and raves always have bright lights flashing and black lights on to add to the mystery and excitement of the room. There are numerous amounts of clothes in the glow in the dark world that everyone finds intriguing and so much fun. If you find yourself in search of items or an item such as this, there are many online stores to be able to purchase these ready to wear glowing clothes.

However, there are many people who will spray paint a glow in the dark paint on a pair of pants or a shirt to give them that eerie type glow when walking through a dark area. There are even items such as lingerie that was created for couples to enjoy in the dark. A fun and sexy way to have a romantic evening with your partner. There are many individuals who crave the dark and mystical side of darkness, and these people have the ability to purchase glowing contacts that make a party or rave more of a dangerous and wild feel. They are definitely a purchase that will scare the neighbors next door.

Birthday parties have fun things like glow in the dark glasses, sticks, and wands that are fun to wave and flash around as all of the kids wear funny hats and glasses. Even glowing plates, utensils, and cups are fun accessories to add to a birthday party that create a crazy and fun atmosphere for the kids to be able to enjoy.A parent couldn’t do wrong by purchasing these “cool” and “awesome” party supplies for their child to have the best and most unique birthday party. There are also products that are useful when decorating in your house or outside. There are rocks, pebbles, and blocks that are able to be put up outside in your front yard for decoration. Many kids love the idea of putting up the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of their bedroom or even in a play room. These glow in the dark stars are incredibly fun to use and can build a child’s imagination as the play in the dark under the glowing stars above them.

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